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'Prima Facie: At First Sight'

"During the two years I worked on this project I have come to know and appreciate Sunniside and its people. I have been made to feel welcome here; I want to thank the people of the area for allowing me to talk with them and to take photographs. The images created for this project will almost certainly have much more significance in the years to come. My aim was to create a historical document of Sunniside and its people, as the area is undergoing major changes and will be unrecognisable in the near future. I have photographed this area as I found it upon first glance as a way of articulating this exact time in this place. Although generations of stories wait to be told behind each face and facade I have chosen to present this work, at first sight, an archive of Sunniside in 2009."

The project was commissioned for a six month period however once I started I became fascinated with the area. The project grew and grew; six months turned into a year, a year turned into eighteen months and finally almost two years later [2009] you can now see the results. The work displayed here is a mere fraction of the work. An edited display will be shown in thePlace gallery and hopefully there will be a book created soon showing the project in its entirety.