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'Shadow Boxing - An exploration into unlicensed boxing in the North East'


Four years on from 'Making the Weight' and I find myself back at ringside. Francis was badly hurt during his British title fight in 2007 with Kevin Anderson, doctors found a brain bleed which could have killed him. The British Board of Boxing automatically revoked his license. Without a license Francis couldn't fight, but he felt that he still had the will, skills and above all the determination to be a Champion. Maintaining his training and dedication he wanted to test his ability, the only place he was able to do this was entering into the world of the unlicensed fight.

It's not a far cry from the scenes in the movie 'Snatch'; there are no weight categories or drug testing, medicals are brief and the crowd is hostile. 

This is Francis' first fight in four years and he's up against a heavy weight 'banger' from Yorkshire. This fight is not about the money; Francis has chosen to donate the purse to a local hospital. This is about testing himself.